IQ’s switchable privacy glass is perfect when you want controlled privacy and transparency to elements of your IQ Glass Room.

The liquid crystal film laminated inside the glass unit switches from translucent to transparent at the flip of a switch. At the application of electricity to the liquid crystal interlayer the crystals all orientate themselves the same way, allowing vision through the glazing element instantly. When the power is then switched off to the glass unit the liquid crystals are randomly oriented scattering light and blocking vision through the glass thus ensuring privacy.

The revolutionary technical glass product can be used in various section of your IQ Glass Room. You could use it for windows, eliminating the need for blinds, at night, rooflights, walk on glass elements and internal divisions.

The intelligent glass can be incorporated into whatever frame or door you require including large sliding doors, glass floors and all manner of structural glass items.

You can also integrate IQ’s Privacy Glass with our other high specification glass products for instance Heated glass: Heated glass radiating heat internally for heat and privacy glass on the external face allowing controllable privacy levels.

Perfect for internal or external glass solutions, to section off an internal space in an open plan layout or external privacy glazing.

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